TONbet offers a unique suite of community bankrolled telegram gambling bots, including TONbet Sportsbook Bot & TONbet Dice Bot. These powerful bots have a simple interface, allowing users to bet TON on sports or dice with basic text commands. Users may also /contribute to the bankroll and "be the house" vs. sports or dice bettors. 80% of the entire hold goes to our community bankrollers, with TONbet retaining 20% for administrative and operating expenses.


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Join the @tonbet channel to banter with other bettors and bankrollers or get support directly from @shotgoal, founder of TONBet.

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Sportsbook Bot

The TONbet Sportsbook Bot is a fully-functioning sportsbook within a Telegram bot. Bettors can /placebet on popular sporting events and unique TONbet-created markets. Bankrollers can /contribute TON to the community sports bankroll and "be the house" vs. bettors. Admin fee is 1% of losing bets.

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Dice Bot

The TONbet Dice Bot is our proof-of-concept community bankrolled gambling game. A simple dice game with 99% payout, bettors can bet dice against the community dice bankroll and bankrollers can "be the house" vs. the bettors. Admin fee is 0.2% of losing bets.

Roll The Dice